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Getting by with a Little Help from AI
Fortunately for hoteliers, there’s another new intelligent platform on the scene to meet millennials where their demand lies: the smartconcierge. Inspired by human concierges, the smartconcierge is a machine learning tool powered by artificial intelligence, which is programmed to anticipate and meet guests’ needs, instantly. Weak Wi-Fi signal? Ask the smartconcierge for help. Need a sushi restaurant recommendation and reservation. The can handle that. Want poolside bar service? Ping the smartconcierge. A response will be returned in less than one second. First generation smartconcierges deliver service through smartphone messaging, but they are also now being integrated into voice assistants as well.
The smartconcierge’s AI enables it to interpret guests’ needs by context, preferences, and prior requests. Then, the smartconcierge delivers timely and relevant answers, additional content, and special offers. Its powerful technology not only adroitly meets the needs of millennial guests, but all guests, freeing up hotel staff to focus on more complicated requests. And when the smartconcierge can’t handle a request or a cannot satisfy a guest, it knows to elevate the request to a human counterpart in guest services to take over. At that point, the smartconcierge updates the guest with status alerts until the matter is fully resolved. A happy guest is a loyal guest.
The smartconcierge also provides “up-serving” and guest experience enhancement opportunities. Hoteliers can push VIP invites, special gatherings, event tickets and more through the smart concierge.
All of these smartconcierge features serve to surprise and delight the DIY Generation who then do what every hotelier hopes they’ll do: write rave reviews of their stay and shout-out their awesome smartconcierge. In short, hotels that want to drive incremental revenues and capture the imagination and loyalty of high expectation-propelled millennials would do well to adapt to emerging AI tools like a smartconcierge quickly.

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